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Using an Office C2RClient.exe, located in the %Program Files%\Microsoft Office 15\Client X86 or %Program Files%\Microsoft Office 15\Client X64 (depending on the platform), administrators can use command-line switches to automate the updating feature.

The command-line options are: This 10-day Master Class will help you understand the complete Microsoft solution stack, how the products work together, and how to implement and maintain for a total datacenter and desktop solution.

The datagridview is populated on a button click and the database is updated when any cell is modified. Update(ds,"Stock"); } catch (Exception exception Obj) { Message Box. This are the one responsible for select, update, and insert when you explicit call any of the methods (for example update ;) ).

The code example I have been using populates on form load and uses the cellendedit event. Since in your code, you never provide the command that explain how to do the update, the dataadapter doesn't know how to do it.

private Ole Db Connection connection = null; private Ole Db Data Adapter dataadapter = null; private Data Set ds = null; private void Form2_Load(object sender, Event Args e) { string connetion String = "Provider=Microsoft. OLEDB.12.0; Data Source='C:\\Users\\Peter\\Documents\\Visual Studio 2010\\Projects\\Stock IT\\Stock IT\\bin\\Debug\\Stock Management.accdb'; Persist Security Info=True; Jet OLEDB: Database Password="; string sql = "SELECT * FROM Stock Count"; connection = new Ole Db Connection(connetion String); dataadapter = new Ole Db Data Adapter(sql, connection); ds = new Data Set(); connection. so fulfill the requirements, adding an update command to the adapter.

Over the last few weeks I've been writing a series of blog posts that cover LINQ to SQL.

If you have already earned an MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 certification, you are eligible to take advantage of a shorter upgrade path to achieve an MCSA: SQL 2016 certification.

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